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the tree

July 2010

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wmjosiah in under_the_maple

"Being called"

What does it mean when one feels "called" to do something? Quakers call it being "called by God". My beliefs make that not quite work for me. I don't know how to to reconcile my beliefs with my experience. Do people know what I'm talking about?


I found the way you described this in the workshop interesting. I think I would have simply called it "being true to myself."

What I remember you saying was basically that you would feel like there was something you needed to do, and it would bother you until you did it. (well you were specifically talking about Quaker meeting)

For me this ties into a bunch of personal issues like feeling like I really need to be able to feel my emotions (I mean duh, but ow) and having the courage to act on things I feel strongly about. Not sure that quite gets it across, but this is how your description of this concept reflects in my life...
Hm. I think I would describe it a little differently than that. I have this feeling that it didn't come from me, but came "through" me, but maybe that's just how it feels and the reality is that how you're describing it is closer to the truth. You know that song you like so much? "Be Yourself"? I wrote that in the time it takes to play it... I just sat down one day and played it, from beginning to end, just like that, lyrics and all.... I don't feel like I wrote it, exactly, but like it "came to me". "Cara" is the same way, music-wise (I consciously wrote the lyrics). I kept waking up with it in my head, couldn't play it on the piano, and then one day decided to try the guitar, and there it was...
It's interesting to me what this ties into for you and I feel like it actually probably ties into those things for me too, I just didn't think about it that way, so thanks. I have trouble feeling my emotions too sometimes, and I have trouble balancing having the courage to act on things I feel strongly about with having patience and avoiding conflict, and believing that sometimes not getting involved is an OK way of dealing with things (I know we've butted heads over this particular issue more than once, and I'm not sure I was right).
i said something about this re: feeling similar at sings when i know i HAVE to call some song in particular. sometimes if i don't, someone else calls the same song, usually peter. :)

i don't see it as "god" even tho i'm at a sing (with all those god songs) but more like psychic something or other. like SOMEONE needs to hear these words right now. collective unconscious? who knows. :)
My experience of "being called" is that it's kind of weird and scary. Like I get a feeling that I'm really supposed to do something, but a lot of times whatever it is I'm supposed to do is something that pushes my comfort zone. Or maybe I'm just more aware of those times since they're the most uncomfortable ones. I do also get called to do things that are relatively easy and pleasant, although I always find that there's some element of oddness about it (like having deep conversations with random strangers in the street or whatever).