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the tree

July 2010

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phaed in under_the_maple


I've been thinking a bit about centeredness since being back. Specifically, I was realizing that working from my office is totally stressful and unpleasant, and that working from home is actually kind of relaxing and gives me time and mental/emotional space to do things like post to livejournal and talk with people that I like. That said, I know there's usually stuff that eventually throws me pretty hard out-of-center, and I was thinking about things that would get me back there. At Spring, those things are usually the sense of feeling confident, safe, and loved that comes from rings and from other places. It's hard to get quite there "on the outside," but I was trying to think of other practices/rituals/whatever. There's always establishing a check-in night, and there's meditation. At one point freewriting (writing faster than you can think so you bypass conscious filters) was a valuable tool for me. Do you guys have things that help? Or things you'd like to try?

Oh, and I really don't understand the privacy settings on here - I'm posing this as "public" since I don't see an option for "only show to members of the community."


o hai.

now i see you! i think you must have posted this after i gave up on LJ & the internet yesterday.

I know there's usually stuff that eventually throws me pretty hard out-of-center
this makes me think that maybe you should do some daily/semi-regular grounding/shielding stuff to prevent getting knocked out of whack in the first place. this is why i said "you need rocks" the other day. i often use "rocks" (by which i mean various crystals & stuff) for this sort of cleansing purposes. clear quartz for clarity (i'm so clever), rose quartz for communication/communion w/ lovers, moonstone for receptivity to "stuff," hematite or pyrite for grounding (not just for cramps!), and obsidian for wacky mystical visions & shit.*

when i'm feeling particularly flaily, i'll use tarot or those tree-fews (like runes - there's an online version, too) my friend cissa makes, which is why i almost always have a tarot deck on hand - makes me feel better just having it around in CASE i need it.

(JLynn just started randomly talking to me about the tarot reading she did last night as i was typing that. yay synchronicity!)

i don't know if i'd call it "freewriting" in the sense that you mean it, but i do journaling as well, usually as a form of venting.

meditating is something i always feel like i'm doing wrong. checkins are weird for me b/c i feel like i am always hiding something and/or nobody really cares what i'm saying, and they're just listening to me b/c they have to. hmm, issues, anyone? :)

*no, i can't talk about this without being sarcastic, self-deprecating and flippant. yet. working on it.

yackety yackety

Yes, I've been feeling a little off-center lately too. Very yackety yackety in my brain. It's easy to get tangled up in there. One thing I've found helpful is The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. He's got a new book out (A New Earth, I think is the title), which is also great. The Power of Now is a little more instructional in getting centered - an experiential book, if you take it on. It's about being present, fully, in the moment - and about what he calls "the pain-body", which yanks you out of being present, and into all of the drama. Even just writing about this is bringing calm and clarity. Anyway, definitely worth checking out, in my opinion.
Man, so answering some of my own questions today. A lot of feeling centered for me (somewhat unsurprisingly) has to do with feeling loved and safe vs. feeling insecure. The last few days, I've been very aware of the mix of interactions where I feel loved or appreciated vs. interactions where I feel criticized or that people are demanding things of me. I've definitely been feeling like that mix goes a really really long way in affecting how I feel in general. Yay centeredness.